Victory for Musni Family in Noe Valley!

Dear Friends and Supporters of Occupy Noe,

We picketed, we petitioned, we delivered 500 petition signatures to the Bank of America San Francisco headquarters, and we made many phone calls to the CEO about the Musni family who have lived on Randall St. in Noe Valley for forty years and were threatened with foreclosure.

Finally, the BofA Office of the President informed the Musnis yesterday, July 25 that they would modify the mortgage and take the
home off the foreclosure list. The mortgage payment will be reduced by $1,100 a month and the the fixed rate brought down to 3.65% from 6.5%.

When we say “we” we mean all the neighbors who stopped to sign the petitions last week and who took time to call BofA. Also, the
Wild old Women from Bernal helped as did nurses from Kaiser San Francisco Labor & Delivery where Merrie Jo Musni worked
for many years.

And, it’s appropriate to be cheered that First Republic Bank just withdrew its application to be the 6th bank in our 24th St. neighborhood corridor after Peter Gabel, Patrick Monk, Leslie Crawford and others filed an appeal on the green light given the bank by the city.

Yeaaa for people power!

Kathy Lipscomb and Susan McDonough for Occupy Noe

ALERT: Tell Bank of America to Stop Auction of Musni’s Home in Noe Valley

Please call Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan starting Monday, July 23, at 704-386-5681 – press option 2. Ask him to cancel the auction of the Musni family home of 40 years still scheduled for Wednesday, July 25. They live at 240 Randall St., SF, CA. 94131 and their loan # is: 149979475. Then ask that BoA negotiate a loan modification that the Musni’s can pay in their retirement years.

When the bank representative tells you they can’t speak with you about the situation, just tell them you don’t want them to speak with you, but to speak with the CEO to get the auction cancelled.